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My heart pumps fire.
But all I want is to feel the burn that comes holding my breath as I dive into the ocean.
My arms yearn to reach to the sky to stretch and lift me away from earth.
But my feet and mind set to the ground, sturdy roots of common sense and self doubt twisting deep,
grabbing to every failure and holding it tight.
Lest I mistake myself for Icarus and fly too close to the sun, my dreams burning away until they can no longer hold me up.
I am constantly in motion
Being pulled apart or crushed together by what I want
but thinking I’ll never reach it.
I am fire, but I want to drown.
I am a bird, and I can’t stop clipping my own wings for fear of trying to fly.
a-corner-of-my-universe (via a-corner-of-my-universe)

(via a-corner-of-my-universe)

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